About Innosilicon

Innosilicon is a world class, innovative, fabless IP/IC design company focusing on high performance PHYs and mixed signal IP. With multi-national world class design teams in China and North America, Innosilicon IP has helped many Tier-one companies to achieve rapid SoC success (over 30 million chips in annual production) through our highly advanced products and services. Innosilicon’s main advantages are in providing: low cost, high-performance, cross-foundry, fully customizable solutions combined with our award winning customer design support. Our IP can be found in millions of Mobile, multimedia and Consumer electronic devices such as: tablets, cell phones, HD set-top boxes, TV, Camera, networking, computing ICs that have achieved leading market shares. Presently we support SMIC, TSMC and GF processes from 180nm to 14nm.

Traditionally buying a IP by no means guarantee SOC success since you are facing with huge amount work to work through the puzzle. With our IP certainty program, buying IP from Innosilicon is worry free. Customers are not just getting a database at your own risk, you are getting the entire system know-how support & review services before production to ensure nothing is at chances. Our system experience and know-how from combo IP to packaging to PCB SI has made our customer's IP integrate very safe yet highly feature rich.

Drop us a line. Discover just how simple your next product design cycle can be. With 100% production success, you can count on Innosilicon in providing best in class product and services.


  Our Interface PHY IPs are available in every major process nodes from 0.18um, 0.13/0.11um, 90nm, 65/55nm, 40nm, 28nm all the way to 14nm.
Current Silicon Readiness
14nm 28nm 40nm 65/55nm 130/110nm
High Speed PHY/SERDES DDR/LPDDR(2,3,4) PHY & Controller, up to 2800Mbps
USB2.0/3.0/3.1/HSIC PHY (Host/Device/OTG/Hub)  
SERDES SATA3/PCIe2/3/XAUI /V-By-One/eDP PHY, 8Gbps  
HDMI 2.0 & eDP PHY & Controller
AD, DA, Codec (ADC, DAC ) Cap/Capless Audio Codec (96dB)
HD Video DAC (10 bit up to 350Mhz)
Pipe-line ADC, SAR ADC, Low Power ADC
Analog and Digital Building Blocks Temp/Voltage Sensor, HF&UHF RFID, High Speed PLL, DLL, ESD, I/O, RTC
IP Customization & Integration IP Porting and Customization
Test Chip Prototype & MPW Services

Where We Deliver

Innosilicon's high-performance IP have been adopted by high volume top IC suppliers across the globe. Innosilicon is committed to innovating the mixed signal IP design and customization services to meet the ever increasing SoC demand and achieve highest customer satisfaction. Let us serve you from spec to working silicon!

Why Us

Based on its vast experience in mixed signal IPs, Innosilicon accelerates customer ASIC design, and achieves first silicon and volume products. Customers will benefit from shorter development cycles, lower cost and economies of scale provided by Innosilicon's highly active design and strong service culture.

Our IP Advantage:

  • Industry Leading Performance
  • Volume Production Proven
  • High Performance, Low Power
  • Small Die Size
  • Low system BOM, 2 to 4 layer PCB and wirebond package support
  • Test Chip, SI and FPGA Support
  • IP Design Customization Services
  • Fast Response Time & Tech Support
TELL US WHAT YOU NEED     We will provide a solution customized to best fit your needs.