/About Us

Innosilicon, as a world class and domestic leading one-stop provider of high-speed mixed signal IP and ASIC customization, has supported billions of mainstream high-end SOC mass production at home and abroad, covering from 0.11μm to 5nm provided by the world’s 6 top semiconductor factories, with the market share leading for 10 consecutive years. Being a contributor to the success of the multiple “National 01” and “National 02” projects, Innosilicon is the only company in China who has the contract partnership with all the global top fabs (TSMC/Samsung/GF/SMIC/UMC/Fujitsu), in addition to the domestic foundries such as SMIC, HLMC, and Wuhan Xinxin. Our customers are the renowned international enterprises including HiSilicon, ZTE, Rockchip, AMD, Microsoft, Amazon, Microchip, Cypress and Micron. You can find Innosilicon in billions of high-end SOC chip products all around the world.

We set customer’s success as our goal! Innosilicon team is fully devoted to innovation for 14 years with a determined and aggressive mind to catch up with the world's advanced technologies, and has achieved fruitful results. In 2018, Innosilicon was the first in the world to overcome the top difficulty GDDR6 high-bandwidth bottleneck, realized the mass production of the performance-leading cryptographic GPU, and took the lead in the low power computing technology of the near-threshold voltage under 0.35V. In 2020, we launched the INNOLINK Chiplet, a high-performance computing platform (CPU / GPU / NPU) of Chinese standard.  With all the custom IPs in every advanced FinFet processes entering mass production successfully in one stroke, our remarkable innovation capabilities have been proven in the fields such as high-performance computing, high-bandwidth memory, encrypted computing, AI cloud computing, and low-power IOT.

Let us be part of your success!

/Core Values

  • Our Mission

    Keep developing top chip solutions to exceed market expectations

    About Customer

    Carefully Listen, Thoughtfully Serve, Win-Win Cooperate

    About Work

    Result Oriented, Process Rationalized, Work Finished without Delay

  • About Product

    Quality Strategy, Differentiated Innovation

    Our Vision

    Open to the World, Making History through Innovation

    About Responsibilities

    Responsible for Your Position, Your Team and the Society

  • About Growth

    Make Every Minute Count, Advance with the Times, Learn and Summarize

    About Risks

    Do Not Assume, Double Check!