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Innosilicon – IP and Design Services Leader with 150K Wafers Produced

Innosilicon is a world-class one-stop shop of high-speed interface IP and design services with 18 years of history. Having empowered hundreds of well-known customers including Qualcomm, AMD, Microsoft, Amazon, with all major process nodes covered across the world's top 6 foundries (TSMC/Samsung/GF/UMC/Intel/SMIC) from 55nm to 3nm, Innosilicon boasts over 1300 employees and is fully devoted to extending its leadership in delivering advanced IP and ASIC services. Our team offers unique IP such as HBM3E/2E Combo, GDDR7/6X/6 Combo, LPDDR5X/5/4X/4 Combo, DDR5 DIMM support, UCle Chiplet, various High-speed SerDes and HDMI2.1/eDP1.4 Combo, all with standard PHY and controller combinations as well as custom design options. Our outstanding innovation capabilities have been proven in high-performance computing, high-bandwidth memory, automotive, multimedia low-power IoT and other fields. We drastically improve our customer satisfaction and reduce time to market by offering our unique domain specific design platforms and flexible win-win business models.

Company Key Highlight
Company Key Highlight
  • Leading One Stop FinFet IP/ASIC Design House
    · 14nm/7/8nm/5nm/4nm/3nm design proven in Samsung/TSMC
  • > 10 Billion Leading SoC enabled
    · Samsung , production across foundries, up to 3nm
  • > 150K Finfet Wafers Produced in Custom ASIC
    · Custom ASIC in 14/10/8/5/3 advanced Nodes, with Samsung & TSMC
  • Unique Technical Know How
    · Able to help major customers to port to various Advanced Processes
Global Offices
Global Offices

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