Innosilicon Technology Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou Industrial Park and Wuhan East Lake high-tech zones, with a global core competitive advantage and a huge market share, is an advanced IC design enterprise in the world. Our business covers mixed circuit design of various next generation ultra high speed interfaces, high performance computing and multimedia audio & video codec frontend core design. Innosilicon has successfully developed a number of 40nm to 28nm high-speed mixed AD/DA IC and IP products. We have established stable cooperation with many global well-known design and equipment companies. Innosilicon is in the exceeding high speed growth period with a bright future. Our goal is to create a sustainable development platform, to invite you, who want to be outstanding, to join in a happy and productive family-a young and vigorous team you can grow rapidly with, to share exciting success and joy.

Innosilicon will be special because of you. Here, we pursue the worldwide success, and the significance of work is to achieve ambitious goals and honor with down-to-earth spirit. We need careful and practical partners who have strong senses of self-discipline, firm basic knowledge and responsibility. It is declined to be careless and content with superficial understanding. In Innosilicon, competence equals to outstanding, contribution means fruitful results. Now, there are full-time job opportunities offered to all elites. We provide high-level project experience, employee stock options and wide compensation growth space. Position in Suzhou and Wuhan are both optional, please highlight your special expertise and flash points when applying. Each position welcomes extraordinary students for internship. Innosilicon-a great family which worth joining.


Senior Digital Electronic IC Design Engineer/Digital Project Manager

Bachelor degree or above, over 1 year experience of practical RTL design, FPGA practice or back-end experience, rigorous debug logic thinking, strong practical ability in simulation and verification, solid professional knowledge of synchronous sequence and time domain switching analysis, good understanding in synchronous and modular design of the complex state machine; Acknowledge the process from RTL to gate level, familiar with Verilog Coding, Synthesis/Timing verification, FPGA flow and several aspects of the test; preferable in knowing the following aspects: SOC AHB/AXI bus setup, matlab/simulink modeling, digital fixed point filter design, audio & video interface, ATPG DFT, DDR, USB, HDMI, RFID and digital signal processing. Future work involves the design of next generation high speed interface protocol design, high performance computing, multimedia audio & video codec design, etc.

Senior Analog IC Design Engineer/Intern

Graduate degree or above, solid foundation of analog circuit, over 1 year practical simulation IC design and simulation experience, good at simulation design and VLSI circuit analysis, have strong interest in studying circuit basic principles and physical characteristics, rich experience in analog circuit design would be a huge plus. Future work involves the design of next generation interface mixed circuit, high performance computing, multimedia audio & video codec frontend circuit design, etc.

PCB Embedded System Engineer

Over two years experience of PCB and embedded software & hardware design, intelligent in system design, familiar with welding, oscilloscope test and adjustment, better to have FPGA design experience, understand PCB circuit and software & hardware. Those who have rich experience in theory and system implementation and can use serial interface & USB programming software at PC are preferred.

IC Layout Engineer (drawing and process capability)

College degree or above, familiar with EDA tools and backend layout design & physical verification for full custom analog chips. Understand POWER, GND and the impact from resistance and capacitance to CMOS circuit caused by mapping. Those who have strong drawing ability and are willing to do long-term work in layout design are welcomed, especially those who have deep understanding of CMOS process, high speed I/O, analog electronics and layout design rules & ESD protection circuit layout design as well as digital circuit automatic routing.

Linux Server & PC Network Manager

Reliable and honest, fairly familiar with computer Linux workstation and know how to conduct PC and EDA server software & hardware installation and setup. Learning quickly in Linux workstation knowledge and conducting greatly in installing large tools, optimizing storage, computing and network speed. Strong repairing and debugging ability and extra interest in computer network optimization & script programming, such as perl, awk, Cshell, etc. Capable of editing and managing website, good at finding and exploring information, familiar with EDA tools and have the ability to prevent network attacks and ensure file security.

IC marketing manager

Good ability of both spoken and written Chinese, with appetency and overall view. Experience in customer service or market promotion, basic understanding of electronic technology, being able to understand datasheet, prominent tissue expression ability, candid, calm and generous. Good at writing, emphasizing the comprehensive quality and strategic thinking, English ability shall be CET6 passed or above, excellent in English reading and writing. Focus on strong competence and able to catch the important points. Good at planning and goal-oriented. Not easy to yield. Good ability in writing business proposal and PPT. Have leadership ability and datasheet written ability. We need you to promote and sell our IC products.

Office Secretary / Public relation

Bachelor degree or above, high efficiency, be professional at document writing both in English and Chinese. Having published articles are preferred. We welcome students who major in Journalism, English or Administration. Have experience in science project application. Having professional ethics, good at organizing and managing, do well in planning and animating company culture. Be responsible for company rules, honest, candid and dependable.

If you are suitable for any position and share the spirit of forge ahead with determination, Innosilicon is your right choice! Please send your resume to:, we will carefully review and contact you. We appreciate the spirits of carefulness, responsibility and excellence. We praise those who are persevering and go beyond oneself.

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