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Get in touch with our Innosilicon sales team today to learn how We have core innovation capabilities in three major areas: computing, storage, and connectivity. We have a full set of high-speed interface IP, as well as advanced process SoC system architecture and GPU core customization capabilities. Many technologies fill domestic gaps. Provide a full set of high-speed IP cores and customized chip solutions from 55 nm to 3 nmacross major wafer foundries around the world.

Innosilicon Technology and Samsung Semiconductor have always been close partners and have cooperated on many projects in high-end processes. Samsung Foundry’s mainstream process nodes have a full set of IP provided by Insilicon Technology. With the support of Innosilicon Technology’s high-speed interface IP, Samsung Foundry and Innosilicon Technology works together to help customers achieve one-stop worry free tape-out mass production.

­-- Samsung Semiconductor China Sales Manager

At the heart of our work in China are our research and development projects, carried out not only in our laboratories, but also in those of our customers and partners, where we seek the best processes, optimized designs and ideal technologies. We have established a very good network of partners in China, such as Innosilicon, which has a large number of complex IP in GF's differentiated technologies.

-­- GlobalFoundries Senior Vice President Americo Lemos

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