56G High-speed SerDes
56G High-speed SerDes
The hard-macro PHY is well-architected for IEEE and OIF protocols, with ESD structure and BIST function accommodated. This IP powers high-speed interconnectivity between chips, optics and, backplanes with the built-in low-jitter LC PLL and CDR to optimize the signal integrity. The Innosilicon 56G Long Reach SerDes solution meets the functionality, power, performance, and area requirements for a variety of network applications.

The PHY is fully compliant with the following standards: PCIE6/5, IEEE 802.3 and OIF, CEI-56G+ LR PAM-4, CEI-25G+ LR/MR NRZ, JESD204C/B (25/32G), 10GKR/100G KR-4 LR, 400GAUI-8 LR/MR, CEI11G-LR.
Test Eye-diagram & Jitter Histogram (56Gbps)
Test Eye-diagram & Jitter Histogram (56Gbps)
  • Highlights
  • Features
  • Standard Deliverables
  • Example Applications
  • Offers leading performance, power, and area per terabit
  • Optional PI/SI and thermal co-design service
  • Full support from IP delivery to production
  • 64/56Gbps serial data speed, supports IEEE 802.3 and OIF standards and electrical specifications
  • Supports 28-32G VSR/SR/MR/LR NRZ and 64/56G PAM-4
  • Supports up to -36dB+ insertion loss @14GHz
  • Reference clock: 100/156.25MHz from external or through on-chip
  • Embedded high precision low jitter LC PLL and CDR loop
  • 85-ohm differential on-chip terminated drivers and receivers with automatic impedance calibration
  • Multiple Built-in self-test modes and test pattern generation
  • Near-end serial loopback for testability
  • Far-end parallel loopback for testability
  • Proprietary low cap ESD structures
  • On-chip PRBS generation and verification controlled from an external terminal
  • Well-tuned IO and PKG model to achieve good SI and performance
  • Databook and detailed physical implementation guides
  • Complete set of timing models
  • Library Exchange Format (LEF)
  • Encrypted Verilog Models
  • Layout vs. Schematic (LVS) report
  • GDSII database
Use Cases for 56G SerDes

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