Advanced IPs and Customization

Advanced IPs and Customization

Backed by more than 16 years of technology expertise, Innosilicon has extended its support to all high-speed mixed signal IP cores on 130nm to 5nm processes to address large and fast-growing markets such as data centers, public/private cloud servers, automotive, 5G communications, industrial and IoT.

We will provide you with production- and silicon-proven IP products allowing for customization to perfectly meet your very unique demands

Typical Applications

IP Process List

Support all the processes from 130nm to 7nm/5nm of the world’s 6 major foundries

Our IP Advantages

High cost performance and high reliability

A variety of comprehensive PHY & Controller solutions and Combo fitting various application scenarios, with high-reliability / high-performance / high-security / scalable design, fully supporting all mainstream FinFET processes.

High integration, low BOM cost

Worry-free integration, power and I/O optimization for small silicon area, PPA customization to perfectly meet customer’s application scenarios, fast one-stop integration with optimal area, power consumption and packaging.

Best practice, all-around optimization

One-stop PHY & Controller package and a full set of PCB and SI/PI, supporting full-custom hard macro and SI packaging solution including process/chip/package/PCB all-around optimization, within a short customization cycle of 2 to 3 months.

Customer-oriented service

Best-fit service for the customers, supporting various FPGA integration, SoC integration and specialized mass production, with a full custom solution of cross-design, cross-process and cross-package.

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