Innosilicon IP helps Ingenic T20 win “China Chip” Excellent Market Performance Product Award

  • Jul 02, 2020   |
  • One-stop domestic IP enpowers China s advanced smart chip

Beijing, China -- Ingenic T20 intelligent video processor chip won the 14th "China Chip" Excellent Market Performance Product Award in the field of security in addition to its previous awards of the 12th "China Chip" Most Potential Product and the 12th China Semiconductor Innovation Product and Technology.

Equipped with Ingenic's autonumous CPU and a full set of Innosilicon high-speed mixed signal IP (USB, Audio Codec, ADC, etc.), Ingenic T20 as a completely domestic and multi-functional intelligent multimedia audio and video SOC chip, has effectively realized the optimization of performance, size, power consumption, and enhanced the product’s differentiation advantage.

Under the trend of domestic substitution, the autonomous and controllable IP together with the chip customization services provided by Innosilicon, is empowering the high-end domestic ecological chain with high efficiency!

Ingenic T20 is a high-performance, high-integration intelligent video processor chip based on domestic autonomous innovative technology, which adopts Xburst, ultra-low power CPU technology, professional ISP and H.264 coding technology. With its high-level imaging quality, powerful video analysis ability and excellent high-quality low-bit-rate video transmission ability, Ingenic T20 can efficiently accelerate the hardware design and time to market, leading in the market of similar products due to the outstanding innovation and integration. It has been widely used in various segments of IoT, including smart camera, smart audio, children accompanying robot, smart watch, code scanning box, smart translation pen, etc.

It is reported that Ingenic T20 winning again owed much to the above excellent product competitiveness and market coverage.

Yan Xiaojing, the vice president of Ingenic, said, "the award-winning T20 is based on the antonumous research and development of Ingenic domestic innovative technology, and its outstanding market performance is inseparable from the IP support of our domestic technology partners such as Innosilicon. With Innosilicon’s IP and services, we have greatly shortened SoC cycle and achieved the design expectations. Our long-term cooperation with Innosilicon, has fully proven the reliability and efficiency of its IP and services. In the future, Ingenic will continue to strengthen the cooperation and autonomous innovation, and keep launching more competitive intelligent video solutions.”

“Ingenic is a well-known leader in the domestic chip industry. It has been ten years since Ingenic used a complete set of Innosilicon high-performance IPs on multiple core products. We are glad to see that Ingenic's self-developed smart chips has been recognized by the market and professional users, which is a big step forward for domestic chips.” He Ying, Innosilicon technical director said, “It is also a great honor for us to once again win the unanimous recognition of customers and the market due to our safe and reliable domestic autonomous technology.”

In addition to the prized T20 chip, Ingenic and Innosilicon also cooperate in various mainstream process nodes, including DDRn Combo, USB3.2/USB2.0, MIPI TX/MIPI RX, CODEC, ADC,PLL, POR and other IP cores.

The products of many well-known IC design companies at home and abroad have achieved market success by adopting Innosilicon’s one-stop, high-speed, high-security, high-reliability interface and mixed signal IP. While meeting the international standards, Innosilicon IPs can also be optimized in the area and power consumption of PPA to perfectly suit the customer application scenarios. Assisted by our fast one-stop turnkey integration, the success of customer products will be accomplished with differentiated competitive advantages.

With the concept of win-win cooperation, aiming at building an autonomous and controllable ecosystem, Innosilicon continues to empower high-performance computing, AI, mobile, IoT, automobile, industry, telecommunication and other fields.

About Ingenic

Ingenic is a leading global provider of embedded CPU chips and solutions. Since its establishment in 2005, based on its self-researched ultra-low power CPU technology and competitive capability of developing software/hardware solution, Ingenic is continuously injecting vitality into the domestic chip market.

Its core self-developed products include JZ47 series, X Series (smart IoT), T series (smart video), M series (smart wearable) chips and xburst CPU technology, which are widely used in biometrics, educational electronics, multimedia players, e-books, tablets, wearables and smart devices, with product shipments and application coverage leading the domestic market.

About Innosilicon

Innosilicon, as a world class and domestic leading one-stop provider of high-speed mixed signal IP and chip customization, has supported billions of mainstream high-end SOC mass production at home and abroad, covering from 0.11μm to 5nm provided by the world’s 6 top semiconductor factories, with the market share leading for 10 consecutive years.

In 2018, Innosilicon was the first in the world to overcome the top difficulty GDDR6 high bandwidth data bottleneck, and successfully developed the applicable performance-leading computing GPU as well as the near-threshold voltage design for mass production, and then launched the INNOLINK Chiplet -- high-performance computing platform (CPU / GPU / NPU) of Chinese standard in 2020. We have effectively customized a number of chips in various FDX / FinFET advanced technologies, and have excellent innovation capabilities in the fields such as high-performance computing, high bandwidth storage, encrypted computing, AI cloud computing, and low-power IOT technology.

Innosilicon is fully committed to the autonomous and controllable localization of chips, serving global customers with high-security, high-reliability IP and customized products through a flexible and win-win business model.

IP highlights

1、DDRn high-performance computing products

Innosilicon DDR4/3, LPDDR4/3 Combo PHY & Controller, GDDR6/ HBM series of top-level storage interface solutions, DDR5/LPDDR5/HBM high-end solutions, supporting fully customized hard macro and SI packaging solutions, one-stop integration.

2、32Gbps SERDES products

Innosilicon Ultra-high speed SERDES PHY covers the widest range of multi-purpose high-speed serial interfaces, and supports various serial port protocols within 32Gbps, including but limited to USB3.2/PCle4 / SATA3/10GE /Rapid IO/UFS. For the best match to the next generation of high-speed wired and wireless infrastructure, artificial intelligence, data center and other applications, optional package PCB and a full set of SI services are provided.

3、MIPI and VBO multimedia IP products

Innosilicon MIPI D-PHY/M-PHY/C-PHY& Controller, compatible with the whole series of MIPI/LVDS low-power and high-speed serial interfaces, supports the latest standard D-PHY CSI/DSI and HDMI/eDP Tx/Rx applications, suitable for cameras and all kinds of high-definition screens from mobile small screens to TV large screens. It is designed to work in all the application scenarios of combo C/D PHY/TTL/LVDS/VBO/eDP.